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Puppetry Stories of the Christmas Season

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Dear Friends,

Here are some pictures from a couple of puppet shows that I performed for the kindergarten this festival season.

The Elves and the Shoemakerimg_2011

There once was a cobbler by no fault of his own who become so poor that at last he only had leather enough to make one pair of shoes…





We are warm when humans are kind.

Our coats with human love our lined.

We live beneath the Hawthorne tree

And what your house feels, so do we.

Bless the cobbler and his wife.

They will be happy the rest of their lives.





The Story of Saint Nicholas

The Saint Nicholas story was performed near  December 6th,  Saint Nicholas’s birthday. The story is two part where Bishop Nicholas sails on his ship aided by the children who sit in a circle (not pictured) pushing the ship round in its ocean circle bringing gifts of food to a village across the sea for people who don’t have enough to eat and suffer from hunger.






The second part of the story takes place in the heavens when Saint Nicholas rides his horse on his birthday annually bringing gifts to the children and telling them that Christmas is nigh’ and soon the Christ child will come.


May you experience the joy and beauty of the season!  Happy Solstice!





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