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5 Little Snowmen Finger Puppet

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5 Little Snowmen on a snowy day.

The first one said, “I want to play.” 

The  second one said, “Let’s stomp on the ground.” 

The third one said, “Let’s roll all around.”

The forth one said, “Let’s run, run, run.”

The fifth one said, “I’m afraid I feel the sun.”

“Oh dear!” said the snowmen as they looked toward the sky.

And those five little snowmen began to melt and so they bowed goodbye.

Dear Puppetry Friends,

Here is a finger puppet glove puppet I made with a poem that I found on an internet preschool  poem site that I adapted to work better for puppetry. Thank you to its original author.

What follows are some pictures of how I made the glove puppet. I found the lace glove originally at a thrift store. I used white wool batting and what some call wool pre-felt. It’s often sold by that name. It is looser than plain felt and so easier to needle felt on the extra features such as eyes and carrot nose.

img_1978   Making the heads and attaching them to the glove.












The bodies were made out of the pre-felt of which I sewed a running stitch at the top of each piece (you can the see the sewing needle with thread in the  picture) and gathered it in and sewed it to below the head material. I  then did a running stitch at the bottom of the pre-felt material and gathered and sewed it into the glove and stuffed it to fill out the lowest round snow body before sewing it closed.

I then took a felting needle and some white wool and needled felted some wool in the center body to hide the pre-felt material folds below the head and to round out the middle part. I needle felted more around the center line between the middle body and lower body to make sure each snowmen had  3 distinct rounded parts.

I then took the felting needle and needle felted bits of black wool for the eyes and  the buttons. The carrot nose was needle felted separately out of orange wool  and then added to the face.

The top hat(s) were made out of black commercial wool felt cut into a narrow rectangle which I rolled into a column and sewed it to keep it together and then sewed this small round column onto a round piece of black felt for the bottom of the hat. I then sewed it onto the head(s). I finger crocheted colored yarn to make the scarves and tacked them on with some stitches.

I neglected to take pictures of these last steps as I was pushing to get it all done for a performance of my  Winter Tree Story Apron that I performed at Sierra Waldorf  School’s Elves Faire on December 3rd.

That was weeks ago and I have been so busy winding up the school year attending to various projects. But now I am on winter break!!

I took some pictures of my  kindergarten shows that I did this festival season which I will post in the next couple of days.


Here is the finished snowman glove puppets with The Winter Tree Story Apron in the background


May the season bring much joy and beauty to the children in your life!



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