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Welcome to my first blog! 2014-10-03-08-46-42-2

My intention for this blog is to share my love of puppetry with hopes that you will find inspiration to share with the children in your life.

I’ll begin with sharing a picture of the little felted mice that the adults made in my recent workshop at the Sierra Story Winds: Soul on Fire Retreat held October 14 -16 in Murphys, CA. This wonderful retreat was hosted by the Mother Lode Storytelling Guild. Go Here to View

 All of the participants in my 1 ½ hour workshop were new to the wonders of the felting needle and just look how cute their needle felted little mice turned out.



The mouse lap puppet could be used as a simple story telling prop to hold in your hand or lap. I often say to the children in my story apron performances,

“This little mouse is going to sit here and watch you tell a story about a mouse. Now bring out your own little mouse“

 I then show my right hand as a fist and say, 

 “There was a little mouse who ran into a house.“

 (Right fist moves into cupped left hand)

  “And when all was quiet as quiet can be.  Shoo…”

 (Take index finger from right fist and gesture whispering and then return to fist while  still cupped in left hand)         

“And when all was quiet as quiet can be”   “Shoo…”        

(Repeat hand movements)

“Out jumped he or she”                                                

(Right fist pops out of cupped left hand and sits on top of it)

 “And the little mouse runs up your arm and over your head and behind your back… and…”                                                         

(Have right fist travel up left arm to top of head and then go behind your back)

 This can lead into any myriad of other stories to tell. 2016-10-14-16-51-24

Next blog I will share a simple Halloween story.


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