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Happy Spring and Summer Classes

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It has been way too long since I have posted anything. I have been busy with many grade performances since I lasted posted a blog. Since January I have had four major upper grade puppetry performances. In January was my 5th grade class shadow puppet performance of The Ramayana. In February was the 8th grade class performance of biographical figures from history.

In this photo of their rod puppets you might be able to pick out Mark Twain, RFK, Gandhi, Harvey Milk, Michael Faraday, Susan B Anthony, Eisenhower, Samuel Billison (a Navaho Code Talker), Helen Hunt Jackson, Frederick Douglass, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, and Muhammad Ali. 

In  March my 7th grade class  performed the African story, The Twins. Here is a picture of some of their colorful natural dyed silk marionettes they made.

In April my 6th graders performed The Celebration of Songbirds with felted marionette birds they made accompanied by poems they wrote about their birds. This project compliments their Geography studies.

My 3rd graders also performed their story vests with a finger puppet of a monarch butterfly inside their wet felted pocket performed to poetry and song. The 2nd graders performed a story in the round. The performance takes place sitting on the floor with the table puppets they made. Presently I am working with the 1st and 4th grade classes who will be performing in a few weeks. I shall post some pictures when they are done.


Summer Adult Puppetry Classes

Other than all these grade puppetry projects, I have also been busy planning out the classes I will be teaching to adults this summer. Please check out my calendar for more details about the Kindergarten Forum The Art of Puppetry: Puppets for Pockets on June 17th. Go here to view.

Or the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training class on Puppetry in the Grades which I will be presenting June 23-25. Go here to view.

And this year we are offering a West Coast Collaborative Puppetry and Storytelling Conference in Olympia, WA July 27-31 where I will be teaching The Art of the Story Apron. Go here to view.

There is one more adult puppetry class in the making as well and some summer puppet pocket story apron puppetry performances that I will soon be posting in my calendar once the dates get confirmed.

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