Jennifer Aguirre's

Puppet Pocket Story Aprons


Over the years, Jennifer Aguirre, has created eight themed puppet pocket story aprons and performs these wearable stages as a sit down interactive visual storytelling presentation. The audience points to a pocket and the hidden puppet comes delightfully to life through  poem, story, or song; cultivating a sense of awe, wonder, and joy in the natural and fairy tale worlds.

The aprons and various finger puppets, hand puppets and small marionettes are handcrafted from natural materials primarily of felted wool and silk giving the puppets a lifelike look. The performances are primarily designed for ages 3 ½ to 9 year old children but mixed age audiences love them too! The performances are approximately 40 minutes long.


Jennifer’s Themed Puppet Pocket Story Aprons

   The Oak Tree

The Fairy Garden

The Ocean

The Castle

The Barnyard Farm

The Old House (Halloween)

The Winter Tree (Christmas)

The Teatime

Coming soon: The Mountain Pine Tree Story Apron

“I had the pleasure of listening and watching Jennifer’s presentation at Family Day. Her voice, puppets, stories, and songs had the children actively engaged and enthralled. Her stories illustrated gently important themes about nature and relationships. Jennifer awakened the child in all of us, including this grandmother.”                                   

Vida Kenk – Past President of Calaveras Big Trees Association


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